Seth in Seven: The Buffet Problem Keeps Getting Worse (by Seth Godin, 1/15/14)

Here’s the thinking that leads just about every all-you-can-eat buffet to trend to mediocrity: “Oh, don’t worry about how fresh the mashed potatoes are, after all, they’re free.” Indeed, as far as the kitchen is concerned, each individual item on the buffet is ‘free’ in the sense that the customer didn’t spend anything extra to.. read more →

17 Jan 2014
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CMO Predictions: Marketing in 2014, Adobe’s online content portal for senior marketing executives worldwide, interviewed top B2B and B2C marketers to fill in the blank of “2014 Will Be the Year of the _______”. From the array of responses, here are my “Top 4 Favorites” and who said them . . .     A/B Testing There is now.. read more →

15 Jan 2014
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Seth in Seven: Delight the Weird (by Seth Godin, 1/5/14)

Everyone who eats at your restaurant expects a good cup of coffee, and it’s difficult to wow them, because, of course, your competition is working to do the same thing. But of course, it’s not everyone who wants a cup of coffee. Some want a cup of tea, or a cup of herbal tea, and.. read more →

10 Jan 2014
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Marketing: Predictions for 2014

HubSpot, software and inbound marketing specialists, is a company publishing quality content for marketers and one I recommend following. Just published is HubSpot’s “2013 Marketing Prediction Hits & Misses”, which includes marketing predictions for 2014. Here’s their Top 6 for successful marketing in 2014: #1 Podcasting Will Grow – Following the successful models featured on.. read more →

08 Jan 2014
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Seth in Seven: When You’re Offered Precisely What You Were Hoping For (by Seth Godin, 12/24/13)

If you’re a musician, that means that when the internet says you can play what you want, record the way you want to, release it when you like, at the length you prefer, to the fans you’d like to share it with… If you’re an actor, that means that when the internet says you can.. read more →

27 Dec 2013
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Holiday Message 2013

Before we sign off for the holidays, LS Direct Marketing wishes you peace, joy and prosperity in 2014. We leave you with a quote from Nelson Mandela, which is enriching personally and professionally. “There is no passion to be found playing small – – – in settling for a life that is less than the.. read more →

24 Dec 2013
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Seth in Seven: What’s Attention Worth? (by Seth Godin, 12/17/13)

Marketers that fail are often impatient and selfish. Impatient, because they won’t invest in the long-term job of earning familiarity, permission and trust. And selfish, because they get hooked on the erroneous belief that merely because they have money, they have the right to demand attention. And selfish because they believe marketing is about them,.. read more →

20 Dec 2013
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Direct Mail – “Must Have” Marketing in 2014

The average person sees over 3,000 messages a day. Direct mail, in a social, mobile and digital age, is breaking through the clutter and playing nicely with others. Make direct mail part of your 2014 marketing “must haves”, integrate it with all other channels and attain optimum results. Here’s some facts to consider. “80% of.. read more →

18 Dec 2013
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Seth in Seven: The Sound of a Small Bell (by Seth Godin, 12/10/13)

The sound of a small bell during a dark night …is louder than the din of traffic outside your window during rush hour. Surprise and differentiation have far more impact than noise does. Do you have that one go to blog, RSS feed or newsletter that’s a beacon for your business life? I’m always curious.. read more →

13 Dec 2013
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Best Feel-Good Jingle Ever

A jingle is “a form of sound branding”, according to Wikipedia. Put the adjective “feel-good” in front of jingle and I bet most of you begin humming a few bars of Coca-Cola’s version of “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” or Alka Seltzer’s “Plop, plop. Fizz, fizz.” I’m with you. You don’t have.. read more →

11 Dec 2013
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