Client Recapture

Companies lose between 10-30% of their customers annually.

What about your organization? Is loyalty a C-level priority and do you have a program to win-back dormant customers sitting in your database? And even if you are not losing clients at a similar rate, are you recouping the premium invested to acquire them?

Churn is hard to predict without analytics. The client recapture tools offered by LS Direct Marketing keep you connected with high-value customers who are primary to your company’s growth.

By first applying multivariate statistical methods to your data, we can identify clients most at risk of defection.  We look at insights such as buying behaviors, payment history, longevity, frequency, and life stages. Once we know the profile of those likely to defect, we can take action on a solution to cultivate retention and deeper loyalty.

LS Direct Marketing’s customer retention tools operationalize loyalty. Our premier proactive solution, Boomerang Direct, has you interacting with frequency and relevance as to not allow the competition to sneak in. Valued clients will know you care by receiving customized communications of gratitude, inspiration or recognition reflective of their buying behavior and lifestyle.

Client Recapture Tools & Tactics


Direct Mail and Email Campaigns
Landing Pages and PURLs
QR codes and Phone Apps
Sales Collateral
16, 32 & 40 Page Catalogs

“Companies lose between 10-30% of their customers annually. For U.S. firms, this equals an estimated revenue loss of $83 billion per year.-Greenfied Online and Datamonitor/Ovum , February 2010 survey

“Customers move, die or age out, but the #1 reason people leave and are wooed to the competition is their perception that no one cares. Statistically, only 4%** will even bother to voice dissatisfaction. The other 96% walk away to do business elsewhere. This is known as ‘churn’..

-Customer Winback: How to Recapture Lost Customers”, Griffen/Lowenstein