Small Business

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Think you don’t have data? Think again.

Run a query on the “top marketing challenges for small business owners” and you are bound to find these at the top of the list:

• Inconsistent prospect and client follow up.
• Lack of a centralized marketing resource.
• Ineffective integration of online and offline marketing efforts.
• Poor postal or email message delivery due to list or mailing quality.
• Inability to understand target market or current client base.

LS Direct Marketing was a small business once; heck, so was Microsoft and Wal-Mart. Our enterprise level solutions are scalable to meet the needs of an entrepreneur, eliminate your top marketing challenges and contribute to sustainable, profitable growth.

We offer a one-stop shopping experience for all your direct marketing needs, including print and analytics. And even if your client database is only a few hundred names, we can leverage that data to refine your customer retention and prospect conversion efforts.